Stop! Read This Article About Social Media Marketing Now

If you’re trying to get into the social-media- marketing world, you may have some questions about what is the best way to start. Don’t worry; help is here! Read on for some great tips to make your social media marketing a success, and get the most out of it for your business.

Using Facebook can be a great way to promote your business. Facebook allows you to connect with your target audience. If you use Facebook correctly, you can interact with your audience in a friendly manner without pressuring them to purchase anything. If people connect to you on a personal level, they’re more likely to be interested in your business.

Invite as many people as you can to your social media page. Even if these people do not have a need or interest in your business, having them become aware of your business and having the ability to share it with others at the click of the mouse could mean your next big deal.

You need to get started right away with social media marketing whether you feel prepared or not. You can learn as you go, and you will eventually find your voice. Have knowledge about what your competition utilizes for their particular social media marketing tactics, and copy them until you discover what works best for you. Lurk their social media pages and pay close attention to the type of posts they make, especially promotions.

In order to make social media marketing efforts attractive to customers, utilize special discounts and deals open only to followers. If your customers can get a special offer that is not found at any other place, they will probably pay more attention to your campaign and spread the word so that you get free advertising.

As you can see, social media marketing involves a lot of thought and planning, but it can also be very rewarding. With the tips you’ve read here, you can revolutionize your business and get lots of new customers. Keep this information in mind when designing your social media strategy.

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The Role Of A Wedding Florist In Enhancing The Wedding Theme And Ambiance

Flowers can elevate the beauty of any wedding and create a stunning backdrop for your special day. They can also add a touch of symbolism that conveys your style and tastes to guests.

When interviewing florists, bring your board or design brief to help them understand what your vision is for the day. A good Wedding Florist Dallas will be able to bring your ideas to life.


Love And Romance

Whether you’re looking to enchant your guests with a cascading rose bridal bouquet, or are seeking to elevate a simple head table with raised floral arrangements, flowers can help bring your wedding theme and ambiance to life. Flowers are the perfect way to communicate your love and celebrate your marriage, expressing sentimental significance to your loved ones that is enduring and timeless.

Choosing the right florist will ensure that all of your wedding decor and floral arrangements are cohesive, beautifully executed, and complementary to the overall aesthetic of your event. When selecting a floral designer, look for one whose style matches your personal preferences. It’s important to avoid attempting to fit your vision into a florist’s preconceived notions, as this can result in disappointment on your special day.

If you find a florist whose work resonates with you, be sure to explore their social media feed for a less curated perspective of their work and a more accurate portrayal of the scope of their capabilities within your budget. Additionally, ask the florist for full galleries of previous weddings they’ve contributed to that will provide a more comprehensive glimpse into their style and expertise.

Your florist will also be able to give you insight into what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding, ensuring that the blooms you’re envisioning will be available. For example, spring is the perfect time for delicate tulips and daffodils, airy dahlias, and whimsical ranunculus. Summer brings opulent peonies and ruffled garden roses, while autumn welcomes the arrival of dahlias, chrysanthemums, and cosmos, all of which lend an elegant beauty to any wedding decor.

When it comes to incorporating personalized elements into your wedding decor, the sky’s the limit! Your florist can help you incorporate flower varieties that hold a significant meaning to your relationship. Whether that be a flower that was present during your first date, or perhaps flowers that represent your cultural heritage, this is an opportunity to infuse your ceremony with a more meaningful sense of personalization.

Your floral vendor will be responsible for delivery, setup, and tear down of your wedding decor on the day of the event. Be sure to inquire about their fee structure, as well as the amount of time they will need on-site for set up and removal.

The Mood

Flowers are more than just beautiful; they have the power to invoke emotions and enhance wedding ambiance. When selecting florals, be sure to consider the overall wedding theme and color palette. This will help your florist ensure that all floral pieces tie in with the overall wedding vibe and look. For example, if your wedding has a tropical or beachy feel, floral designers may recommend adding elements like palm leaves or seashells to the arrangements.

Aside from the bridal bouquet and table centerpieces, wedding florals can be used in a variety of ways throughout the ceremony and reception. Floral arches, for instance, create a gorgeous frame for the couple as they exchange vows. Hanging florals and pillar candles can add a magical touch to the space. Aisle decorations, on the other hand, can help guide guests down the aisle and provide a stunning backdrop for photographs.

Boutonnieres and corsages are also a great way to add floral accents to your wedding day look. These delicate floral accessories are worn by the groom, groomsmen, and immediate family members as a sign of honor and respect. Choosing blooms that speak to your love story or reflect the personality of those you are celebrating with can make these floral details even more meaningful.

It’s important to discuss these logistics with your florist so you can be prepared for the day of. For example, Hancock says that couples should ask their prospective florists how many people they expect to have on their team and what their process is for managing timelines and communication.

Finally, it’s vital to work with a florist that can accommodate your budget. It’s easy to get carried away with the ideas and inspiration you see in pictures, but be realistic about what your wedding budget can afford. Be upfront with your florist about how much you can comfortably spend, and they will help you select the perfect wedding flowers to match your vision and budget.

To help streamline the planning process, create a wedding vision board within your Happenings profile that clearly shows your color palette and floral selection. This will give your florist a clear idea of what you want to achieve and can save time during the design stage. You can also use this to determine which pieces will be able to be repurposed for the reception and ceremony venues and ask your florist to suggest what works best.

The Atmosphere

Flowers are not just aesthetically pleasing; they can also enhance the ambiance of a wedding. For example, a rustic garden wedding may feature a variety of soft pastel blooms such as peonies and hydrangeas to create a whimsical atmosphere. On the other hand, a modern, sleek affair might require more vibrant, elegant blooms like orchids and roses.

A skilled florist can help you determine the style of your event and incorporate it into floral arrangements that are both unique and enchanting. As you interview potential florists, ask about their experience with your type of event and for photos of past weddings they’ve designed florals for. This will give you a better sense of their style and expertise.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of florists, share your vision for your wedding with them. Be sure to include all of your inspirations and specific requests, so they can provide a comprehensive proposal for you. This will help you get a better idea of what your options are and how they might fit into your budget. If you’re open to suggestions, your florist may be able to suggest ways you can save on some items while still having the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding flowers are not only a beautiful addition to any wedding decor; they can also add meaning and symbolism. For example, incorporating flowers that were present during your first date or representing your culture and heritage can add a touch of personalization to your ceremony. This can make your day feel more special and create a lasting memory for you and your loved ones.

Once the ceremony is over, a wedding florist can add floral decorations to the reception space to make it more welcoming for your guests. They can add large centerpieces to the tables that showcase a variety of floral arrangements in various heights and sizes. They can also add accent flowers to the welcome and dessert tables as well as adorn bar areas and buffets with unique floral elements.

When it comes to enhancing the ambiance of a wedding, the possibilities are endless. By working closely with a talented wedding florist, you can be sure your wedding will be filled with love and beauty.

The Budget

Flowers are a big expense, so it is important to have an idea of your floral budget when meeting with a wedding florist. Many florists have experience working with brides on wedding florals within a particular budget range and will have suggestions for how to save money without cutting back too much on the overall look of your big day.

One of the best money-saving tips for wedding flowers is to use flowers that are in season and available near your wedding venue. This will help reduce the cost of shipping, and it will also ensure that your flowers are fresh and in good condition on your wedding day.

For example, if you are having a tropical wedding, you could use hibiscus or bird of paradise flowers to tie in your theme with the surrounding scenery. Alternatively, if your wedding is scheduled to take place in the winter, you may wish to use white and classic roses to create an elegant look.

If you are interested in using flowers for a backdrop or statement piece for your event, make sure to book your florist well in advance of your wedding date. It is recommended that you contact a wedding florist who specializes in the style of your choice no later than nine months before your big day, to allow time for ordering and the designing process.

In addition to centerpieces and bouquets, wedding florals can be used for other decorative accents such as table runners, welcome sign arrangements, cake decorations, or even drapes along staircases in the venue. By adding these small details to your ceremony and reception, you can further highlight your unique flower choices and give a nod to your wedding theme throughout the entire venue.

Wedding florals are an excellent way to show off your personality and bring a bit of nature to your big day, but it is crucial to consider all the factors that will influence your final costs. It is a good idea to speak up about your budget when first meeting with your florist, and they should be willing to work with you to create an amazing look that fits the bill.

What is a Choir?

A choir is a group of people who sing together. Whether soprano, alto, tenor, or bass, each member’s voice makes up an awe-inspiring sound.

Researchers have discovered the many health benefits of joining voices in song. But why is it so beneficial? Is it the social connection? Click to learn more.


When singers come together to sing a song, they must cooperate to achieve the best result. In a choir, this is about listening to the conductor sing the correct notes and helping each other when they get stuck. This can be as simple as giving a vocal cue (‘pay attention to the double-dotted rhythm at bar 60’) or more complex, such as asking another member to sing a second note higher or lower than the first.

How people collaborate in a choir also helps them to develop their musical skills. They must synchronize their breath, pitch, and timing, which is a good way to learn how to read music. The interaction between the choir members also encourages them to listen to each other, and it is often a matter of finding their voice within the group.

However, not all of these aspects can be replicated with virtual choirs. Whether using the multi-track model, where individuals record their parts separately and then merge them into a choral track, or the live-streamed teleconferencing models, the absence of face-to-face contact means that some of the key elements of the choir are lost. Choirs grow by adapting to each other’s sound in the shared physical space, adjusting their intonation and blend to match that of their fellow singers, and this is something that cannot happen with either of the virtual choir models used in this study.

While the participants in this study were largely able to find alternative ways of sustaining their well-being during the lockdown, many felt that they had missed the social connections they normally enjoy with their in-person choirs and the positive sense of community identity that came from it. The emphasis placed by both members and facilitators on the social element of choir supports the notion that this is an important contributor to a choir’s value as a form of social activity.

The emergence of AI in music composition has made it possible for computer programs to handle the technical aspects of choir arrangements, freeing composers to focus on the emotional and expressive aspects of a piece of music. This can be a useful tool for choirs, and it could lead to the creation of new types of songs that would have been difficult or impossible to create with traditional methods.

Choral singers can create a unique and breathtaking sound when they come together. This is especially true when the group performs as part of a larger concert event, such as a Christmas or summer festival.

Traditionally, choirs have sung unisoned music, with all voices simultaneously singing the same melodic line. This form of cappella singing lasted from the earliest notated music in Western Europe, known as Gregorian chant, up to Renaissance polyphony and the modern practice of choral singing with mixed voices.

When a choir is large enough, its members can sing parts in counterpoint, which means they sing their lines simultaneously while following other singers’ lines in harmony. This is the most complex type of musical collaboration that can be performed, and it requires a large amount of skill and training to master. It’s one of the reasons that choir is such a special art form and why so many people love to sing in choirs.

A choir is typically led by a conductor, who guides the group through a piece of music. The conductor ensures that the voices blend seamlessly, which can be challenging in a large choir where singers are dispersed geographically. They also provide that the singers follow the rhythm and tempo of the music.

Larger choirs may also use “chord-blending,” separating the voices for more precise tuning and timbre. In some cases, this is required for the performance of pieces of music that were composed for double choirs, such as 16th-century Venetian polychoral music.

A successful choir is dependent on the commitment and enthusiasm of its members. To encourage these traits, choirs must provide various opportunities for their members to share their talents in performances. Additionally, they must provide a clear goal for their choir’s growth. This will help to reignite singers’ passion and draw recruits. This guide covers four practical strategies for rekindling choir members’ enthusiasm, including putting on performance events, updating the repertoire, and having high expectations.

A choir is a group of people who sing together, typically performing classical music. The word choir is derived from the Greek word for “chorus.” Many groups are called choirs, ranging from professional orchestras to amateur singers who perform at local events. Some choirs are secular, some religious, and others combine both. Regardless of their composition, choirs have a similar structure: they rehearse regularly and perform concerts or sing for religious services. The members of a choir may be professional musicians or amateur singers who are paid nothing more than the cost of their membership dues.

Research has shown that being part of a choir creates social bonds among the participants. The closeness that develops between singers in a choir is facilitated by the fact that, as human beings, we tend to bond with those who share a common experience. For example, singers in a church choir might be from the same church or have similar experiences living in their respective countries or communities. Choirs also allow socializing with people who would otherwise be difficult to connect with, such as those with a chronic illness or disability.

Another study that surveyed a large sample of people who participated in choir found that they experienced positive effects on their mental health and well-being, including reduced anxiety and depression, increased self-esteem and confidence, improved mood and emotional regulation, enhanced spiritual connection, and an improved sense of well-being. Interestingly, the type of choir, musical director, and participant satisfaction were all found to influence the psychological benefits of the choir experience.

These benefits are likely to extend beyond rehearsals, too. A recent study looked at how the Coronavirus outbreak influenced how isolated individuals connected online: Netflix parties, virtual pubs, and book groups emerged as new tools for socialization, and even online choirs sprang up on a global scale. Researchers analyzed the experiences of these online choir participants using interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). The study’s findings revealed that being part of an online choir created an additional sense of social identity and connectedness for these individuals, even though they were not in the same physical space as their fellow singers.

Choir members who participate in competitions learn the importance of setting goals for themselves. The desire to leave a lasting impression on the judges and audience is extremely motivating, especially when you know that the outcome of your performance will impact your future career. Choirs also learn the value of teamwork. Having a “tech crew” to help with the production of a show is typical for most groups, and these individuals can handle things like lighting, sound, stage setup, etc.

Choirs that regularly attend competitions also gain the opportunity to liaise with other groups. They can exchange ideas and discuss best practices to improve their performances. Often, a choir that attends multiple competitions will have one or more “repertoire” shows that are their unique take on a specific theme or subject matter.

During a competition, groups perform for judges and are judged on their vocal and dance ability, costumes, and showmanship. After all the schools have completed, preliminary awards are given, and a final round of performances is held for the top six scoring choirs. During the finals, choirs are usually given a chance to revise their performance based on feedback from scoring judges, and separate experts are called in for critiques during the preliminary stages.

Songs chosen for a show choir performance can be anything from popular pop songs to original material written specifically for the competitive arena. Regardless of the style of music, it is important to choose material that showcases the group’s musical abilities. Groups that can perform songs in various dynamics will impress the judges.

Choreography is a key performance component and can be influenced by the choir’s directors or outside professional choreographers. Most sets will include choreographed, fast-paced pieces and a slower number with limited or no dancing.

The ability to tell a story is another aspect of show choir that has become increasingly important. The power of storytelling has long been utilized by businesses to set them apart from competitors and captivate consumers, and it is no different for a choir. Storytelling can create a deeper connection with the audience and make them feel a part of the performance.

Festival Hacks – How to Get the Most Out of Your Music Festival Experience

Festival season is a great time to see some of your favorite bands for cheap, but it can also be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve rounded up some handy tips, tricks, and hacks to make your music festival experience a whole lot easier!

Festival Hacks

Toilets at festivals can make that toilet scene from Trainspotting look like a palace. Rather than risk getting covered in toilet juice, hang your bag on the cubicle door with these’ S’ hooks.

Whether you’re a seasoned music festival veteran or are planning your first-ever trip to Coachella, Roskilde, or Glastonbury, there are always new tips and hacks to help make the experience better. From camping to traveling and from packing to safety, these hacks will help you get the most out of your music festival experience.

One of the most useful hacks you can do for your next festival is to bring a folding stool. Not only will this help you save space by allowing you to pack more things into your bag, but it will also provide you with some much-needed stability and comfort while you’re waiting in the infamous festival queues.

Stools come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials. It’s important to choose a stool that fits your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a versatile option, look for one that is easy to clean and has a strong frame. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the height is right for you.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a stool that’s about the same height as your chair seat. This will ensure that you’re comfortable while sitting and standing. Stools with a higher height are also available if you’re taller or need some extra support when sitting down.

You can use your folding stool as a footstool while watching a game, for added comfort in a Pangean Campaign Chair or even as a seat for a birdwatching book or binoculars. It’s designed with a sturdy, yet attractive wood and canvas construction that folds easily. It’s also a lightweight option at just 6lbs, so it’s simple for you or someone else to carry around.

Another benefit of a folding stool is that it’s a great choice for places where there are multiple activities going on at once, such as restaurants or other venues that host lectures and social events. The stools are easily rearranged and allow you to quickly accommodate additional guests when needed. They’re also perfect for home, classrooms and on-the-go seating. They’re a convenient way to add extra seating in a pinch and are a great addition to any family or business’s storage solutions.

Bin Bags

A roll of bin bags is a festival essential for many reasons. Not only do they keep your campsite from looking like a landfill site but they are also incredibly versatile. They can be used as an emergency poncho, to cover your muddy shoes, to make a tent leak proof and so much more. They are certainly not the most sexy hack we will ever share but they can be a life saver if you’re caught out by some seriously foul weather.

You may think that this is an obvious one but it can be a real festival pain to find toilet paper at a music event, especially if you’re camping. You can avoid the hassle of having to search for TP by packing your own in a bin bag, this also means that you’re less likely to leave rubbish lying around which can attract flies and wasps.

Another great use for bin bags is to carry a few in your car, this way you can easily pick up a roll of toilet paper on your travels, you never know when you might need it. You can also use them to store any food items that you want to bring with you to a festival – this can be particularly useful for food that you don’t want to spoil whilst travelling or camping.

If you’re travelling by car to a music festival, don’t forget to pack a roll of bin bags in your boot. These can be a life saver if your journey home is delayed by bad traffic. You can even use them to line your boot in case it rains and you don’t want to get water all over your clothes.

A simple but useful festival hack is to take a small bottle of menthol and eucalyptus oil with you, this can help prevent your nose from becoming blocked during the festival and will keep you feeling fresh throughout your time there. You can also try a BoomBoom nasal spray which has been designed specifically to improve your music festival experience, it contains a blend of essential oils and menthol that helps to soothe and clear your nose in no time at all.

Frozen Water Bottles

Frozen water bottles are one of the most useful cooler hacks you can use for music festivals. They take much longer to melt than ice cubes and are great for keeping food and drinks cold. Additionally, they are reusable and eco-friendly compared to single-use ice packs. This is a fun and easy experiment that can be done with any type of water bottle, but glass bottles are best to avoid as they could crack when frozen.

Place a water bottle into a freezer and wait at least overnight. Observe the bottle after this time has passed and remove it from the freezer. It is likely that the bottle will have broken from the expansion of the water. The reason for this is that the water molecules in the liquid state can pack more closely together than they can in the crystal structure of ice. This causes the water to be more dense in its solid form and takes up more space than it does in the liquid.

This is a simple yet effective demonstration that can be used in schools to help students understand how freezing and melting affects materials. It can also be used in the workplace to show how freezing and thawing can impact a work area.

The Frozen Water Bottle is also a great way to stay hydrated at music festivals. This can help prevent dehydration and leave you feeling refreshed for the rest of the day. It is important to remember to bring a water filter when attending music festivals, as drinking tap water can be dangerous.

Another great Festival Hack is to keep a reusable water bottle on hand. This will help you avoid buying overpriced bottled water and reduce your waste at the event. Frozen water bottles can be used at home as well to help keep your food and drinks chilled.

If you are planning to attend a music festival this summer, consider taking some of these tips into account to make the most of your experience. They will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip and can focus on having a good time instead of worrying about the little things.

Wedding Events

Blog About Wedding Events

Blogging is a great way for Wedding Professionals to show off their expertise and draw in new clients. By posting a blog on your site, you can also increase your SEO by consistently adding new content.

Junebug Weddings is a beautiful website that lives by their credo of “empowering couples with inspiring wedding planning resources”. It features real weddings, styled shoots and helpful advice.

HuffPost Weddings

There’s an entire genre of wedding blogs devoted to showcasing the upscale weddings of real couples. In addition to the pretty pictures, these sites offer planning articles, celebrity trends, etiquette tips, and must-see honeymoon destinations. These blogs also feature vendor guides and reviews. Vendor guides are helpful, especially if you’re planning a wedding from afar, and most blog editors have strict vetting processes for those they include.

A growing number of wedding vendors are adding fine print to their contracts forbidding brides from posting negative online reviews. One bride reported that she received a certified letter from her photographer, warning her to keep quiet or face a $350,000 lawsuit. This isn’t an isolated incident, and many brides are feeling powerless to report their concerns.

Despite the fact that it’s a fun tradition, the bouquet and garter tosses are quickly losing popularity. Guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness, but they don’t want to spend the evening waiting around to say a quick hello or cheers, particularly when there are drinks, appetizers, and gorgeous surroundings for them to enjoy!

Style Me Pretty

Founded five years ago by Abby Larson, who had previously run her own wedding invitation company, Style Me Pretty has grown into the ultimate destination for brides looking to get inspired. She’s built a cult following of women who swoon over peony arrangements in mason jars, family-dining-style farm tables and DIY party favors. And the website continues to thrive with two million unique visitors a month.

As a photographer, I’ve been featured on the site (twice!) and it’s always an amazing way to reach new engaged couples. However, if you’re planning on submitting your wedding to SMP, there are some things you should keep in mind. First, always select a minimum of 100-150 images and prioritize detail-heavy photos. And, make sure to include multiple angles of the same details so that editors can easily spot different aspects of the wedding. SMP also prefers crisp, full-color photos, so avoiding any creative editing or filtering is a good idea.

When submitting a real wedding, be sure to include contact information for all of the vendors who made the day possible. This is a great opportunity to thank them and showcase your brand to new potential clients. And finally, don’t submit your wedding to other publications until six weeks after submitting to SMP. That’s a surefire way to ruin editorial relationships.

Ultimately, while it’s tempting to get your work published on high-profile wedding sites, I always recommend investing in your own website and growing your own traffic instead. It’s never a good idea to rely on third-party websites to drive clients to your business.

Rock n Roll Bride

Founder Kat Williams was inspired to launch this alternative wedding magazine after she became jaded by the limited offerings of the UK wedding industry. While planning her own big day, she discovered that if you weren’t straight, white, and able-bodied, there was very little to inspire you. Rock n Roll Bride celebrates individuality and encourages you to make your day your own. It promotes creativity, and is an alternative to the cookie cutter weddings you see in traditional bridal magazines.

The editorial team at Rock n Roll Bride features a wide variety of styles and ideas to help you find the perfect look for your big day. This ranges from quirky, DIY projects to full-blown wedding shoots and everything in between. You’ll find inspiration for everyone, from gothic to bohemian to rockabilly and more.

This magazine also has some of the most useful wedding tips and advice around. There’s a handy budget calculator to help you stay on track, and plenty of different sections for you to keep all your notes and ideas together. The magazine is a great place to get inspired, and it’s packed with gorgeous photos from real weddings and editorial shoots.

This is an excellent book for anyone looking to plan a more unique or bespoke wedding. The advice is practical and honest, and the photos will have you falling in love with this book right away. It’s a good idea to write down anything and everything that makes you and your partner the unique snowflakes that you are, so you can create a wedding that really reflects your interests and personalities. It’s also a good idea to set a budget before you start planning, so you don’t run out of money halfway through the process. You can also use the Rock n Roll Bride wedding planner to keep all your ideas and notes organised. It’s like a modern day FiloFax, and it has a year of week-to-view calendar pages, a budget calculator and oodles of different sections to help you stay on track.

A Practical Wedding

If you’re engaged, chances are the idea of planning a wedding has your heart racing. After all, your special day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. But weddings can cost three times what they should and take five to ten times more effort than they reasonably should. And the reality is, everyone has opinions about what your wedding should look like.

Meg’s goal with A Practical Wedding is to help couples plan their dream wedding without going broke or crazy in the process. She covers everything from choosing a venue to writing your vows, all with stories from brides who’ve done it before. This is the book for couples who want to get married with grace and a sense of humor.

The tips in this book are great for any couple getting married, whether you’re a budget-conscious millennial or a traditionalist with money to burn. She includes plenty of helpful advice, from opening an account just for your wedding to avoid accidentally dipping into savings earmarked for something else to her suggestion that you save at least 3% of your budget for transportation (as many guests will need it). There are also some fun tips, such as playing older classic songs first to pack the dance floor and letting your caterer know you’ll be paying a service charge for bartenders and staff if your reception goes over time.

Another thing that makes this book stand out is its focus on inclusivity. For too long, wedding books have ignored LGBTQ+ and intercultural couples, but Meg has a full section on those kinds of weddings and the unique challenges they can bring. She also includes helpful advice for navigating family drama and dropping traditions that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Wedding planning is a stressful process, and if you’re not careful, you can quickly go out of your mind. These books will help you keep your cool and get to the point of what matters most: a celebration of your love story with your partner. And, as a bonus, they’ll save you from having to spend hours searching online for the nitty-gritty details of how to plan your wedding.